The best professional coffee machine


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Aug 18, 2004
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My friend and I are opening up a coffee shop in Poland. We've been recommended the following 5 brands
I know it's very subjective. But I'm interested in which brand makes the yummiest coffee?

Susan & Gosia
All will do a great job. We've got La Marzocco FB-70 in the lab and a San Marco in the factory outlet. We sell La Pavonis and La Cimbalis. There are few Faemas in the installed base that we service. The first fully automatic I placed was an Acorto 2000s. I had a Saeco at home and now have an Isomac.

From all that... once you're in a certain class of machine, make sure that the grinder and coffee are on par with the machine. And keep in clean.

Then it is practice, practice, practice.

May the God Shot bless you and keep you.