The Monkey Bean


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Apr 8, 2007
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It's quite possible that you'll find this both very stupid and funny!

A couple of years ago, before i knew that there was more to coffee than Nescafe instant, a friend convinced me that there was a "Monkey Bean"

Acording to himself;

Monkeys are trained to eat coffee beans which exist at high altitudes not reachable by man.

The coffee beans are then picked out of the monkeys crap, washed and roasted.

This is the monkey bean. Apparently it's the best cup of coffee that you'll ever have.

This is total and utter rubbish, right?


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There is some truth to your Monkey Bean. I just read about an estate in India that is having monkey troubles. It seems that the local monkeys have a tast for coffee cherries. The problem is that they haven''t found a way to market the monkey coffee in the way that Kopi Luwak has been marketed.