The Sequel: The Positives of owning your own store

Yes I keep meaning to fix that problem with the site. I keep putting it on the back burner. I shall get to that soon tho. All the images on the site are of my product and shop.

Thanks for the great feedback.....wishing you the best...until next time..
OK I think I can come up with the positives of owning a gourmet specialty coffee shop.

1.) I have no corporate, nor franchise. So I make up the rules. This is real a cool deal, because 30% of my customers are plaza employees, so I hear ALL the downfalls of being a corp. employee.

2.) There has not been a drink to date that I have not been able to make. (requested that is)

3.) I have the best espresso, hands down, period, end of story.

4.) Customers go out of thier way for my product.

5.) My customers are genuinely concerned about or succsess,and constantly tell us how glad that we are here.

6.) I also play in a very popular local band, and customers show up at the gigs.

I will add to this list as time permits
this may be a bit of a repeat/rehash, but most problems are handled by remaking a drink or giving a customer a slightly different thing than the originally ordered, and most problems are relatively simple compared to office politics, unless there are big barista feuds. You get to use really cool equipment and you can't underestimate the power of the culture: either from the locals or from the educational aspects of relationship coffees. The cool factor can be unbelievable too.
Ok I have a new one.

I have some customers that come in that are VERY elderly. They have a scowl on their face and are pissed off at the world because they realize that they are about to die, and have accomplished nothing in life.

They snidely order a cappuccino sit in my shop, listen to the banter,look around at all the cool stuff I got on the space, and at the end of their visit say "I have been drinking coffee my whole life, and that is the best cappuccino I have ever had." And leave with a smile on their face.
that made me smile too!!

today I have family coming in and yet I need to roast coffee.

so I'm going to drag all the stuff to roast down to the shop to my STILL un-installed roaster. I will make green enchiladas and refried beans in my shop kitchen, send out for tacos al carbon from the restaurant across the street, and my family will lounge around.....plenty of tables and chairs.....visit, and we will all have a good time. I'll brew great coffee, make espresso drinks for those who would like them, and my nephews will get a kick out of washing dishes in a "real restaurant". I'll get my coffee roasted, my family can hang out with me and when it is late, I can say "lets all go home" and no one will stay at my house long after I'm ready to collapse.

actually the shop is far easier for get togethers than individual homes. we had my parents 60th anniversary party there too. so that is one bit of a positive

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