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Mar 27, 2005
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Hi !
I´m writing a new business plan right now and i need to convince one of my investors about the positive things about in-shop roasting.This guy don´t drink coffee...he had just the bucks in the eyes....but nevertheless he is interested.

My english isn´t very good anyway i try to explain what i need to know..

Okay for example i buy some original italian coffee...directly from La Italia...
They packed the coffee directly after the roasting in aroma packs (K-packs you say?) and then ship this whole package to me...
I´m not sleeping at all, roasting my own coffee and exactly when the italian package arrived i have a roast ready(what a coincidence..

we suppose the coffees have the same beans and all..the only difference is the time between the roasts...
Now....finally..the question.....
Can i taste the difference between these two coffees? I mean the italian coffee was about 2 weeks on the road(i live in Sweden!) and mine is the very fresh one.....

Just in a short desription...what is the REAL plus with in store roast........and i dón´t mean the show effect...
What your thing how long you can say it´s FRESH coffee...even with K-packs ???

Thx a lot


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May 13, 2005
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Roast ur Own

While some will say and claim to be a Master Roaster and have a particular blend they are known for and I would agree there are Master Roasters. However, I have been roasting my own for a couple of years now. In my opinion a home roasters medicore batch is comparable to the masters in that it is fresher; especially if it takes two week to get.

When I roast for expresso the I get the optimum taste after 36 hours and for the next 3-4 days. What the master has is the blend of coffee beans he has perfected with the right toast time. But its not rocket science it just a matter of expermientation.


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Aug 21, 2005
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Fresh Coffee!

Fresh coffee makes a world of difference! Even the best coffee can be considered sub-par if it is stale. It becomes just that-Stale Coffee! Your customers will appreciate a fresh roasted coffee. You might want to offer a tasting of the two. Let them try a cup of the stale coffee, and then give them the fresh. You will be amazed at the intensity of flavor and depth to a fresh roasted coffee.

Good luck!


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