There ain't much better


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Feb 21, 2006
Statesboro, GA
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There ain't much better than a great shot of espresso
Something that is usually overlooked and underappreciated,

I've also been known to drive for good espresso, since the town I live in doesn't have any

also one time wrote a little poem / song about it

Mmm espresso
that dark dank mystery in a cup
you paid 2 dollars for what?
Oh but you don't know
the power of the brew
come on down
to euphoria

A little rant:
If you advertise espresso on your sign than you better give a good shot and for petes sake don't serve it in a coffee cup. more frankly if you don't know what the heck your doing than don't even waste my time by puting it on your menu.

Night Guy

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Jan 28, 2006
Winnipeg manitoba Ca.
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I here you on that :wink: the town I am in only has one doughnut shop with bad coffee. I enjoy cycling and there is a place that is aprox. 25 miles that I cycle to for their espresso, but I was disapointed this last week they hired a new barista and the espresso was served in a cold tall coffee cup. She didn't think anything of this. I corrected her on proper presentation of the drinks she was great about this and did not get offended she just said she was going to have a talk to boss and get some training but in the end I did get my espresso :)