This coffee news may shock you!


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Nov 26, 2013
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First came Kopi Luwak, then Elephant coffee… Now guess, what is coming next? :cool:

It is true that necessity is the mother of all invention. But people nowadays invent things which are intended to create necessity. After the success of Civets Coffee, many people have tried to experiment the new things with beverages.

Some dedicated their lives in a laboratory trying to make changes in the original coffee bean to create new type of highly nutritious coffee bean, while other continued to search new kind of coffee with the help of animals.

One guy, Randy Goldman (name changed) who lives in Portland, thought of going one step ahead. He submitted an ad on Craigslist about coffee beans passed through his intestinal tract for $30 per pound. He termed this coffee as “Human Kopi Luwak”. Fortunately or unfortunately, the business didn’t run well.

Read the whole story here

Coffee business is very profitable. Vendors try to manipulate it for their own profit. Some take right approach while other seek shortcut methods. Anyways, whatever happens in the future, one thing will always remain intact – we always be called as coffee lovers till we live. Tada!!! :smile:


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Feb 28, 2008
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It's hard to believe that the journalists actually drank the stuff, and that there was a waitng list of people who wanted to try it.

The last quote at the end of the article says it all - “I want to focus on quality as much as yield and all that, but the demand for shit coffee is skyrocketing. I’m just an enterprising man trying to make an honest living.”