Three roaster/bean questions...


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Aug 22, 2004
Willow Spring, NC
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I love the popcorn poppers (especially the $$) but, I dont want to have to roast 20 batches of beans in order to get 10 lbs of coffee.

1 - Can you tell me of a good quality roaster with a batch capacity of more than 1# but without the 5 digit price tag?

2 - What is the best source for green beans?

3 - How long do the green beans keep at room temp. & low humidity?



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Nov 8, 2004
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The Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster may be just the ticket for you! It is new to the market and I believe soon to take over the large batch home roaster.

Or their are some modifications you can do to a Salton UFO popcorn popper for the stirring, with a turbo heat convection heater for the heat.

Just google "Salton UFO Popcorn Popper roasts coffee" or something similar and you should get plenty of results I can't post here.

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