Time to be honest - my top 5 addictions

Sep 13, 2021
San Francisco, CA
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Okay, here are my top five addictions:

1. Coffee - I'm a coffee addict through and through, what a shocker. I love the taste, the smell, the whole experience of drinking coffee.

2. Video games - I'm addicted to this game and I can't help it! I am not allowed to mention it anymore, unless I want to sleep on the couch.

3. Gummy bears - Yes, gummy bears are definitely one of my addictions. I just love how they taste and how they make me feel happy whenever I eat them.

4. Shopping - Ahhh, shopping is another unexpected addiction I developed over the years. At least this one doesn’t make my girlfriend furious 😁

5. Lazy Sunday - I have to list this here, it’s a real thing! I cannot make myself do one productive thing on Sundays!

What’s your top 5?