Tried a coffee just because I liked their video on You Tube.


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Feb 22, 2022
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A quick video of King Gorilla Coffee caught my eye on You Tube, so I immediately went to the given website and purchased a bag of Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut and all I can say is wow. I truly recommend it.
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Actually I think I was the 5th viewer and I was so impressed with my first purchase I went back to the website to buy a different flavor but the shopping cart was down.
I really love all the PI work going into this, let’s keep it up 👍🏻

Some of us were born at night, just not last night. Good luck with your venture-- looks like someone is trying a little too hard as a Black Rifle wannabe. Hey-- just my opinion, since you didn't ask for it.

If it smells like coffee, chances are-- it's :coffee:. Same goes for 🐴:poop:
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I’ve tried Black Rifle Coffee and it didn’t impress me at all, so if I was starting a coffee venture I would definitely like to be called a wannabe for a other brand. Have a marvelous weekend 👍🏻,

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