Turnkey (nearly) commercial espresso and coffee brewing equipment for sale


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May 20, 2014
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Folks, after closing our cafe, we have decided to sell off our remaining equipment. The following is a complete list.

$ 13,000 for the entire setup.

equipment is located in the Washington, DC area

La Marzocco GB/5 3AV espresso machine, early 2011 build, (new hot water boiler design), with 18 gram VST baskets in bottomless porta filters
La Marzocco Swift Grinder
Bunn Twin ICB brewer, (smart funnel)
Bunn MHG grinder with 6 hoppers, (smart funnel)
Delfield 204 in counter ice bin and fresh water spigot
Waring Xtreme 1100 blender
5 San Jamar in counter cup dispensers
Dell Point of Sale Touch Screen with MICR
Legal for Trade Scale (CAS)
4 Jamaica Blue Mountain (empty) barrels, great for in shop design
3 Stainless Whipped Cream chargers (NO2)
Waring convection oven
in counter round knock box
3 in counter utensil rinsers (plumbed)
1 in counter square pitcher rinser (espresso supply)
various small parts, stainless pitchers, etc.

email to get more information.

shamu654 at yahoo.com