TV cup-one


Jan 10, 2017
Ok I've had this for a week now and while I still experimenting with a few things I have to say I'm very happy with it. The only thing I have to compare it with is my Bunn Phase Brew that just died and a Keurig Mini.

First thing I noticed is it takes less coffee than the Bunn to get the same strength but this is kind of hard to judge because with the Bunn I had to make 4 cups/20oz so with out a scale I'm just guessing, I just cut it in half for the 10oz the TV makes. With that being said it's allowing me to use more coffee with out it tasting bad or stronger than I care for. Seemed like with the Bunn it was easier to make it to strong or to weak. With the TV I believe using more coffee is giving it a more taste without it seeming stronger. It's hard to explain but increasing the coffee in the TV is different than increasing it in the Bunn. Like I said, hard to explain.

One thing I knew I would like is not messing with a carafe, clean up with this is just what I was looking for. I also get a kick out of being able to watch it bloom, I haven't seen this in a long time. I remember when my wife and I were first dating going over to her dads house on Sunday morning for breakfast he used a Chemex. At the time I remember thinking that's a lot of work for coffee. At the time my idea of coffee was ButterNut and a Mr Coffee, we would make a full pot and only drink half of it then we would nuke the other half the next day. I guess you could say I've come along way!

Next up I want to invest in a scale. We did inherit the Chemex when my father in-law passed so I want to play around with that on the weekends. Any suggestions on a scale would be welcome, all I know is you need one that you can control the on/off so it doesn't keep shutting off on you.

Thanks for your time!

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