unroasted vs roasted


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Mar 4, 2007
Minneapolis, Mn
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Considering the "green" bean is heavier and smaller than the roasted counterpart, is a pound of green beans sold as a pound of roasted beans? In other words, is it measured before or after the fact?
Well, I would always sell a lb of green as a lb, and a lb of roasted as a lb. If I were to sell a lb of roasted, I would sell it on the weight of it roasted. LOL I am really starting to confuse myself :?
They are sold by actual weight, but remember that you lose 17% to 22% of the green weight or so during roasting. In other words a pound of green coffee beans will .85 lbs after it is roasted to a light roast and about .78 lbs or so very dark roasted. Does that make sense to you?