Using caffeine to relieve allergies


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May 7, 2005
I, like a lot of other people around these times, suffer from pollen allergies. This year the concentration of pollen in my area is extremely high, resulting in a clogged nose, itching throath and red swollen eyes. And the "over-the-counter" drugs for allergies doesn't seem to help me much. What does seem to work however, is a couple of strong cups of coffee. The last few days I have been carefully "medicating" :wink: myself, and i have been allmost completely symptom-free, even though the pollen-concentration have rissen even higher.

I would like to hear what thoughts/experiences you other allergics have about this issue.


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Aug 18, 2004
for real i drink coffee when i have the allergies. coffee with 2 dayquil tablets and i am good to go. it is the best. and when my sinus are stuffed up i put the warm cup right under my eye and it helps clear it out

i hear whatcha sayn