Volcanica Coffee for Sale - Top Ranked in Google


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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I don't want to sound rude, how about you post bandwidth logs along with rest of you statistics logs here. I don't trust 3rd party tools to tell me how many people have been to your site.

Also when I look at google ratings I also like to use common names because people have trouble remembering specific names. When you type in Volcano Coffee your nowhere to be found. $150,000 is a lot of money. Are you willing to release your financial statements as well? I am assuming your selling the business as a whole and not just the URL?


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Aug 25, 2005
Fort Lauderdale
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Please go to Google and enter in "Gourmet Coffee" and you will see us ranked 3rd. The company is actually named Volcanica Coffee not Volcanco Coffee.

The entire business is for sale which consists of the website, brand name and customer database. I can release to you financial statement and web log statistics. Please contact me directly from the auction site when you are ready.

Thank you,