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Jun 18, 2018
SW Washington
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I am looking for a small Sivetz sample roaster for training local High School seniors on how to do coffee roasting and manage a coffee roasting business. This is to benefit fit students that can't afford to go to college to learn a trade. I am retired so need to find a very inexpensive roaster. The old Sivetz sample roaster from their early years would work great. Even if it is not working, I can repair it. So, a donation of your not working roaster would be greatly appreciated also.

Thanks, Larry..

My name is Marcy and I came across this post when looking an information on old Sivetz Roasters. Strangely enough, if you are still looking, I happen to have 2 of them! I am the proud new (Co-)Owner of Mt Hood Roasters in Rhododendron, OR. The previous owner held onto 2 roasters that were in storage. To my knowledge, they just need to be cleaned and re-set up. If you are still interested in getting some roasters, we can give you a GREAT deal on 2 + parts galore! You can call or text me at 971-219-4236.

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