wanted to start a coffee shop (looking for partners)


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Jun 12, 2007
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hi all!,

I just came across this website and i would like to share my thoughts and hopefully gain some interest from entrepreneurs out there.

I am a sucker for a coffee shop, i always like to hang out on one, grab a coffee, smoke and simply relax. And so i would love to go to this kind of business in the PHILIPPINES. Why? simply because the deman is so high, that wherever you go, coffee shops are always full (2 starbucks which simply sits in front of each other is always full!!). Why again? Filipinos always love to relax, hang out with friends, and unwind from busy but low paid work. Most people wanted to study or do their stuff over the laptop online with a cup of coffee, good music and good ambiance, plus of course Smoke!. There is huge demand indeed, particularly in this part of the world.

What im looking for is not only a financial partner, but also an industry partner with expertise in this field.

Just an FYI, almost all international titans in the coffee business is there, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Seattles, Gloria Jeans, Mocha Blends, in each and every corner, u name it, save for one... Costa Coffee didnt reach Philippines Shores yet. This itself is gonna be a killer.

Not to mention the small local brands which themselves are playing great, as again, for the consumer eye, they dont care about the brand, as long as its a place to make them look good while hanging out, surf online, drink cold or hot drinks, eat some cake, and of course Smoke, listen to good music or drink some beer, doesnt matter!

If theres anybody out there willing to explore and partner up/invest on this business with me, pls drop me a message:

Email: [email protected]