Ward Barbee Passes Away


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Apr 26, 2006
Bellevue, WA
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Words cannot express the loss that we have all experienced this past weekend. While vacationing with family in Rome, Fresh Cup magazine founder Ward Barbee passed away Saturday August 5th.

Ward had an instrumental presence and passion for the specialty coffee industry. In his life, Ward breathed, slept, and dreamt coffee. His writings, education, and travels have all helped to benefit the global coffee community. It goes without saying that the scope of his life's ambition can be felt by everyone in the world of specialty coffee - this loss has caused a shock that will ripple out to impact all of us. I speak for everyone at Coffee Fest when I say that we will miss him deeply. Ward was a dear friend, and his passing has left us with a void that will be impossible to fill. We will always carry a picture of him in our hearts and fondly remember Ward with his quirky sense of humor, zest for life, passion for coffee, an electrifying smile, and a stogie out this side of his mouth. Our hearts go out to the entire Fresh Cup team, his friends and family, and the many other lives that were touched by Ward Barbee.