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Feb 10, 2012
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We would like you to try our product and have a taste of the Philippines' finest coffee bean, the Baraco coffee.

It is the Philippines' famous coffee bean. It is grown in the provinces of Cavite, Quezon and other spots in our country. But our coffee beans came from where it originated and labeled as its birthplace, Batangas, Philippines. The difference between them are how they were raised and cultivated. Among the said locations, Batangas proved to have the best topography to grow these beans for the climate and soil quality are perfect.

Our Baraco coffee, also known as "Kapeng Barako" is grown in the province of Lipa, Batangas Philippines and known to be its origin and birthplace. It is a variety of coffea liberica which is known the be the largest bean in the world. Plus, the beans harvested from our country is considered and labeled as the best tasting among the variety of Liberica beans all over the world.

Rest assured that you only get quality, outstanding and 100% Pure Roasted Baraco coffee beans. It is our mission to serve each individual a taste of a lifetime. A satisfaction guaranteed each and every time you brew a cup of our coffee.

One of our advocacy is to promote our very own coffee to the world. May you help us to save and relive our finest coffee beans.

Feel free to contact us. It will be a pleasure to us to answer all your queries.

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Mar 8, 2012
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Do u have any job openings for a 30 year-old? I love the coffee and love to travel and just need a change in my life.