We're new here! We're a new veteran owned company out of Costa Mesa, Ca


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Apr 11, 2017
Costa Mesa
Hi all!

I just joined the forum today. My name is Adam, I'm the founder & president of my company, Okyrie Royale. We are a veteran owned & operated organic coffee & tea company. I spent 8.5 years in the Marine Corps ('04-'12) and during that time I had a chance to experience and take in a lot from all over the world. As I was getting ready to leave the military, those experiences lit a fire under me to do something more than I've ever done before to help create change in this world. Although we are a coffee & tea company, the real mission is to improve the world through our branding, products and message.

I'm hoping to find great information to help us grow and move forward in the industry. We've only been around for about 3 months now, first products were released a little more than a week ago. I'm excited to get to know some of you and ask you all a ton of questions! I'm all ears to learn more about how we can improve the coffee (& tea) business and the world.

Have a great day, everyone. :coffee:

Viveri Liberi,