What are some good medium roasts?


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Mar 25, 2006
:!: I enjoy drinking medium roasts. My current favorite is Millstones Fog lifter. I want to broaden my taste bud’s, however I don't know where to start. I am not strictly a medium roast drinker, however I will try others, but I enjoy good taste & some strength. I don't enjoy coffees that have a strong metallic taste to them. I like my coffee being smooth as well. I enjoy making lattes, cappuccinos, & drip coffee. What are some good suggestions?

What are some good suggestions?
Where can I get them?
How much do they usually cost


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Apr 4, 2006
St. Louis, MO
I'm in St. Louis, so much of my coffee drinking is from one of our local roasters Kaldi's Coffee. I mostly only buy from them, because as a newish drinker of finer coffee, from week to week I'm trying different styles and am familiar with how they roast, and their brewing suggestions. I was buying from multiple local roasters initially, but I found, for instance, the way that Kaldi's roasted their Sumatra differed wildly from the Sumatra from another local shop Shaw Coffee House. Where I really enjoyed the Kaldi's, Shaw was just ok.

I make this point for two reasons...one...find a roaster and try all kinds of coffee. It's a lot of fun, and sometimes you're just blown away with how much flavor some coffees have...maybe even ones that you weren't sure you'd enjoy.

Lastly, I just had my first cup Guatemalan Antigua from Kaldi's this morning. It was incredible. I don't typically like these medium body roasts, but this one was so smooth and packed with flavor that I'm already looking forward to tomorrows brew.

Definitely invest in a burr grinder and start buying whole beans from a local roaster if you've got one, or someplace that will ship if not. kaldi's ships for sure. I know there's a really great roaster in Kansas City that also has a very wide selection and ships as well....plus...obviously there are a ton more that ship on here. I just signed up today though, so I haven't had much chance to look around as of yet.