What do you like to EAT with your coffee?


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May 15, 2005
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Hey everyone,
I'm new here, just wanted to say hi and just wanted to post something and this is all I could think of. What does everyone eat with their coffee, muffins, biscotti, bagel, cakes, etc? I personally like pound cake.
Organic strawberries - ones that taste like something. They are a nice complement to the 2 double shots that start my day.

At work, Mike and Ike candies go well with the Colombian Supremo. I find the complete lack of any nutritional value in filling-pulling fruit-flavored candies brings out the decadent fruit of a high grown Colombian.

In the evening with a Turkish Roast Decaf, I like roasted garlic on lightly toasted French bread. You need something like garlic to stand up to a dense, intense Turkish Roast.

Before bed, I go back to to the espresso machine (Isomac Millennium) and pull a couple shots of decaf, add some steamed milk for a Machiatto and a few drops of Chambord. This goes really will with clam strips.
I like to have a really tart lemon jelly bean after an espresso. The sweetness and tartness really counter-balance the bitterness of the espresso.

Other then that thought, give me a currant scone with a straight up cup of joe any day.
^I use coffee in my chili sometimes. Coffee makes hot food hotter. I don't know why, but if you really like spicy food then try it with a coffee. I think you will find that it seems spicier.
i like theese orange and chocolate chip scones my mom makes. one with a cup of coffee and you think you died and went to heaven. also biscotti is good. when i have coffe its usually one cream and one sugar. but i will drink it black when i have a good piece of chocolate cake or pie. directions: take a bite of cake or pie then imediatly wash down with hot coffee.

its stinkin awsome