What is Your Coffee Maker doing to Coffee !!!

Oct 27, 2010
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Many upbeat Specialty Coffee shops have the Bomb Coffee makers,
and this I am sure assist them in achieving the Best Quality for that Coffee Bean !

My Black and Decker Home machine is Far from the Best, could make the coffee hotter,
but the coffee seems quite Flavorful. 12 Cup,

We Brewed the same coffee on a coffee company brewer, which I must say,
could use a bit of cleaning, the head looked a bit overworked.
And the coffee was not as good, although, we were not sure of the amount of
coffee to use at that time.

My Friends French Press always seems to make a Real Nice Cup, and is easier to
measure the coffee usage.

What should the Amount of Coffee be in a Comm Bunn or 8 Cup Brewer, and 12 Cup
like the B&D.

We are using 5 Table spoons large, on the B&D, and that Clearly was not good for the other.


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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For commercial drip brewing I weigh (digital scale with 1 gram resolution) what goes in the grinder as well as what comes out into the basket. I use a BUNN LPG drip grinder that offers excellent grind consistency, minimal retention and makes single dosing quite easy as I run several different bean origins through it daily. There is a SCAA chart I follow for correct ratios and it works very well. For example, for a typical 84 oz. (2.5L) airpot it is recommended to use 4.3 oz. - 5.6 oz. of ground coffee. I stay on the lower end of the scale and use around 4.3 - 4.5 oz. as it gives excellent taste, body, etc. and minimizes coffee usage. Later!