Where do I find a vendor for my non beverage items?


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Dec 5, 2006
Atlanta, GA
I have an independent coffee shop in Atlanta, GA. I have my beverages, i.e. coffee, tea, espresso and all, but where can I find a list of vendors to supply my sandwiches, wraps, and paninis that I want to carry?

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Jul 15, 2006
Bloomer, Wisconsin
The best place to start is probably the easiest: your local phone book. Find the restaurant supply companies/food service supply companies in your area. There are nation-wide distributors, such as U.S. Foodservice and others, plus there are regional distributors that you could get the ingrediants from.

Are you looking to prepare the items on-site, or are you looking to bring in finished products to sell? You'll have a wider assortment to choose from if you assemble the items yourself, but you'll also need more room in your storage and kitchen areas for the products. Ask around at some of your local restaurants for who supplies them, and that will also get you a starting point. Cheers!


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Aug 22, 2006
Columbus, OH
I totally recommend US Foods or Sysco for suppliers of high end products. The problem with them and most other companies that deliver food is, the minimum delivery amount. Most companies require at least $450.00 minimum order to be delivered. If you are only ordering a few cases of food per week, they may not an option for you.
I do not know where your store is in Georga, but there is a company there called "Restaurant Depot". The RD will not have the selection that US Foods or Sysco carries, and in some cases, the quality is not comparable either. The food quality will be above the Sams Club, as well as the prices.
One thing the Restaurant Depot excels at is paper prices. You may save quite a bit of money each month buying napkins, hand towels, paper cups and lids.
If you have a Sysco or US Foods house near you, one last option may be will-call. You call in your order and go pick it up when it's ready. If you try this option, remember to take a calculator with you, because I have had large fluctuations in prices over the years.

Keep us informed about what you find, it could help other independents make more informed decisions.