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Feb 6, 2006
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Hello everyone.

I've had some requests to do some light catering. For this reason, I am looking for a source to purchase "to go" coffee boxes (disposable/reuseable - the type used for to go coffee, catering, etc). I have found an online source at espressosupply.com. I was curious if anyone can recommend any other sources? I see these boxes everywhere, but haven't been able to locate a lot of sources.

Also, I am interested in making (or having made) clear labels with my logo imprinted on them (to put on paper cups, clear plastic cups, etc.). Has anyone had any luck making these types of labels themselves using the types of clear labels you can buy at an office supply store? Can anyone recommend a place to have them made professionally?

I appreciate any info you might be able to pass along.

Regards, Liz
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Oct 19, 2003
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Hey Liz:

For those coffee carriers you might check your local Costco, Sam's Club, Cash & Carry's or restaurant supply places. Those may be your best bet. As for clear labels, check your local listings for label companies or even specialty promotions places. Those are a few places to start. :wink:

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