Where To Get Furniture?


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Mar 23, 2015
Hey folks,

I'm getting to the final stages of opening up a cafe and need to choose some tables & chairs. I'm not looking for anything super high-end, but also not beat up. Looking for wood-top tables most likely and minimalist-style chairs.

Any suggestions on where to find good furniture? I've looked at Industry West | Modern and Industrial Chairs and Furniture but they are just a bit above the price range on most things.



Aug 7, 2013
You might want to check out National Office Interiors/Liquidators. You might find a real good buy for what you need. They just opened a location in Georgia, but you would probably just find something that, even with shipping from their Arizona HQ, would be a bargain. Best of luck.


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Dec 19, 2014
I would call, the local Restaurant Supply Dealers, and tell them what you are looking for. Give them about a week, and they can show you options.

I've been in the Restaurant Business for over 25 years, and unless you are opening a New Franchise Location, I would not opt for New!

Remember, 90% of First Year Restaurants Fail. Lot of them are built with Brand New Furniture. The local Used Restaurant Equipment Dealers, know what is going on. Also some of the New Restaurant Equipment Dealers have some insite.

Last week I got a call from a New Equipment Dealer to take a look at a place that the original owners, spent $500,000 on his FF&E (Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment), 5 months ago. They closed because of No Business. It was offered to me for $25,000. Chairs should cost you between $5-$75 each. New, they would cost you, starting at $75-$250 each.

Others on this board, may differ but if this is your first place, I would go cheaper and if you have to, tell the dealer that you need xx number of chairs, nearly new and to keep their eyes out for you. If you've bought from them before, they want to sell to you again. It may take them a few months, but they will find you what you want.

If time is a Factor, get something to get you open, and you can change it out later! Your dealer, may even take the chairs that they sell you now, as a trade in on the newer ones that they find you. If not, keep them or sell them, through Craigslist. If you pay $20 and sell them for $10, you made your money on them already.

Check out Craigslists, all over Florida too, some people, before they call a dealer, try to sell them direct, but they usually want top dollar, because they paid a lot. Go to a Dealer, you'll get a better deal. Miami has everything, check down there. If I were opening up anywhere in SE US, I would go to Miami, to check out, there first. Don't have the time to drive, call them.

I have Consulted, built, owned, or been the Executive Chef, for over 75 different Restaurants.

I Doubt that there are many more folks on this board, with more Real Life Experience than me, around here.

Your Chairs, are an important thing, and they have to be Sturdy, because, like others have said, will get lots of use & abuse.

You must do a Time vs. Money Evaluation call. If you have more Money then time, go for new, but understand, most manufactures, don't have every chair, in their build book, as standing inventory. Typical build times for an order is 6-8 weeks. So even if you want new. You don't have 2 months to wait, for your chairs to be built.

Your FF&E should be ordered 4-6 months before a prospective opening. Big companies like Starbucks, order their goods, 6-9 months in advance, minimum.

Dont spend too much on your chairs, they will break, and customers will tear them up, get 30% more than you need, minimum, to replace broken ones. Topher and Slurp are in your area, have you asked them?

Chef David
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Mar 23, 2015
Great, thanks for the advice people. Very much appreciated!