Wholesale/dropship question for a new guy....


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Nov 16, 2007
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Dropship question: I'm trying to decide if I should dropship (private label) to start my online coffee business, versus packaging my own and selling via a website. Can any of you give me some advice and some feedback, thanks. Any dropshipers for coffee and coffe eqipment that you might recommend? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :D
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I sell green coffee to home roasters. I do not roast except for my own consumption. I do also sell roasted coffee from a drop shipper. I have had several, not because they weren't good but because they didn't want to do it any more. I currently am using speciality roast, but I also know of someone in my state that might do drop shipping, I will give you his site after he tells me if he drop ships.
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Dropship info...

Thanks for the response. Hey, what are the do's & dont's about doing business with a dropshiper? Can you share some experience. I'm going to try this out, but there is a ton of info I'm trying to get a grasp on. Let me know if you contact the person you know, thanks.