Whose tech. for the S. Steel tin package, pressurized


Jan 7, 2005
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I am not quite sure about this question. Anyone may have more info about it, please let me know.

From the websites of Illy and Molinari we can find their package like this. Maybe also some others. At least, I saw other roasters using such packages from exhibition of coffee.

In the website of Molinari, one can see the detailed explanation about this package. While in the website of Illy, I do not see it.

From the info of Molinari, we learnt that the tin should be kept for 24 hours after open for use. But, I had contacted several clients of Illy, they were not advised to do this. If they do not do it, the espresso could not be good for some reason.

On the other hand, some kind of slow gas is used in such package, but not useful for the coffe pod packages due to the theory of workiing condition in the tin. Molinari does not do it, while Illy does.

Can anyone offer some info about it?