Why is your favorite coffee the best?


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Dec 4, 2006
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Hi all!

What do you look for in the best coffee? What makes you want to drink one brand's coffee over another? If you can, try to answer with as many specifics as possible because I am actually curious to read people's opinions. Also feel free to e-mail me directly if you wish.

Whoa . . . the answer here is simple, yet complex. Like the taste of coffee. I like coffee that tastes good. I like music that sounds good.

When I was young, (and stupid), I liked coffee because everyone else drank it. As I get older, I appreciate more than I used to. I appreciate flavor. I appreciate nuance. I pay attention . . . to the little things. Like acidity, bouquet, flavor, etc. (Did I say "flavor" already?)

But . . . to get back on topic, I don't care for a specific brand per se. I look for things I like. I like several grinds from Gevalia, and I like several grinds from Barnies. I just ordered a sampler from Green Mountain, (based on reviews from this forum), and I don't care for Starbucks. (Tastes harsh.)

I'm just starting to try different grinders. I notice the difference, but not well enough to comment seriously. Stay tuned. I'll be back. :D

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Respect! Gevalia was always one of my favorites. In terms of flavor, acidity and bouquet, I definitely agree. I personally have a sensitive stomach so the acidity of my coffee has to be relatively low.

Never tried GreenMountain, but I'm sure they have their own creme of the crop like all companies.

Either way, thanks for your input!