Wiring six-terminal Recor Italy 3000W heating element For Astoria Argenta. Voltage is 220 single-phase.


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Aug 10, 2021
Ellensburg, WA
When I got my Astoria Argena, it had no heating element and there were just two wires with round terminals hanging by the boiler. I purchased a replacement Recor heating element, and now I'm not sure which terminals the wires should go to. It's clear that on one side it doesn't matter since the terminals are all bridged. What happens on the other side? Are these internally bridged? Should there be another bridge between those three?

(I think Mr. Voltmeter sorted this one out for me. Same resistance between the bridged terminals and each of the three non-bridged, and same resistance between all three of the non-bridged terminals and one another.)

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