Worldwide Coffee Prices Rise !

Oct 27, 2010
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Its unreal to see the Pricing Hikes from Location to Location.

While one Shop owner has told us his Prices have gone up 35 cents per lb,
others have been raised 75 cents, but not from the same supplier.

And that Pricing was for Whole Bean, and Pre Ground Coffee Products.

This Pricing was for Restaurant Grade, and not even, what one would call Gourmet
Coffee Products.

With Commercial Coffee Growing at 1.5 per cent yearly, and Organic Sales
Up 29% Last Year, as Reported by watch dog groups, and the Organic Trade assn.

The Price Gap, has grown ever Smaller, in this Huge Coffee Market of Organic VS Non

We are well aware that many good Coffee"s comes in Non Organic,
But What gets the Customers Eye, when we Advertise, and Want to be
Different !!

Increasingly the Younger generation is seeking More & More Organic & Natural
Whole Foods.

To Them, it is a Sign of Purest Quality, and they are ever more the Buying Public.
And in Many cases, they are Quite Right.

Organic Coffee is not a New thing, but New enough on this Lucrative Market,
only capturing a small but Fast Growing Customer Base.

When Afforded the Chance to Buy, Organic VS Non Organic, in the same Price range,
and with both being of Good Taste, Most People Will choose the Organic
Hands Down, because of what they Preceive to be a Superior Method of Growing,
and The Protection of the Earth it promotes, as is Well Documented.

What are you seeing in Pricing ups and downs, in Restaurant Grade, and Organic.

Thanks Rick.


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Aug 14, 2003
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hopefully it will be coming down soon. Most people I talk to say that it should start coming down around June...where they get this I do not know. It is scary to think that I locked in last year at $1.30 and coffee hit a high of $3.02 last week....lets all hope it comes down in June!!


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Apr 5, 2007
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We only buy Type I Arabica Beans from small estate farmers, we have been paying as little as $3.00 per lb and as high as $68.00 per pound dependent upon the region. The weather and civil unrest is the main reason for high coffee prices this year and next year isn't looking any better. What’s worse is an unnamed grocery store brand printing articles in the Wall Street stating “Yeah because of the civil unrest are prices will be around $10.00 per pound in the grocery stores after the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] quarter” WHAT, I thought these companies got all of there cruddy coffee beans from Brazil, last I heard their pretty happy and civil in Brazil.
This is a really hard one to tackle. Prices in Indonesia remain high- based on demand but also on problems related to poor weather conditions in many parts of the country. We buy direct from our farmers, but even direct trade pricing means we are paying 60% more than we were 16 months ago. We have not yet passed any increase in price on to our retail clients, however we have had had to raise our wholesale coffee rates. The problem, as I see it, is mainly speculative. Despite all the talk of supply and demand pretty much being in equalibrium for the first time in decades (since the 90's supply has outstripped demand by in some years 3.5-1) I still believe that specialty roasters should easily be able to source coffee directly to meet their needs. Depending on what happens globally over the next 6 months, there could be a big price correction downwards mid 2012.


Nov 12, 2008
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It would be great to get the speculators out of the market. People who are leveraged 35:1 looking for a return in commodities.

I am involved with a commodity in which I check the price weekly to see if anything has changed...usually not, but it is a market between producers and buyers.