Yerba Mate


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Nov 22, 2004
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Is anyone out there jumping on the Yerba Mate (South American herbal tea-drink) trend and serving or selling this beverage? I'm not a coffee shop owner, I'm a journalist, and I'm trying to locate people to talk to about the sudden popularity of this drink. You can contact me thru the forum, or at [email protected].

hi, i had a cafe in komarno- slovakia eu and we sold mate and also mate drinks with flavorings like mate lemon or others. they were pretty popular especially the mate lemon, because it was extremelly refreshing and also helped with flue

we sell ALOT of Yerba Mate drinks at our cafe. We are in the Bay Area but we have a ton of people who are not the typical hippy type drinking it. We serve four types and several methods. We do very well with it and love it. We sould be glad to talk to you about it more.
We started selling mate from the day we opened about a year ago. We're also Bay Area (we're in the Haigh-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco). It does pretty well, but more than that it is fun to carry and helps differentiate us from some other cafes (that and the matcha). We do more mate lattes than straight mate, even though we try to encourage people to get straight mate by serving it in a gourd (or in a cup if that is the customers preference). The Bay Area may be more interested in mate than other places; I'm not sure.
we tried, yerba mate two years ago at one of our stores, when it was "the in thing" hard top believe that two years later it is the in thing again. We are in NY and it sold well for a while then slowly dropped off, reason? it taste like sh%t no mater how you fix it and after a while customers myself included turn back to more tastier drinks.

I think yerba mate works well as a niche product in a heavy metro area but won't work in anytown USA.
Hello! I've been drinking mate for 15 years. I am from Argentina and here its consumption is very popular. You can visit this website that has been a guide for me when I have needed information about mate. There you will find very useful information if you want to learn or start drinking mate.