Your experienced advice desperately needed!


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Jan 3, 2008
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First, let me say \"thank you\" in advance. I am new to the business, but experienced in my love for brew.
My wife and I are entering the Mobile Coffee business, using a van. My question is what do we need for an espresso machine? I don''t want reliability problems, I have a Barista already online from sbux, I don''t want to go crazy with money. I have another business, so I don''t need income from this business immediately, but was wondering if I could spend less than $1,500.00 on the machine. Additionally, how much and what kind of grinder.
I know that these are somewhat juvenile questions, but, I could really use some help here!
Your price range will not buy anything that you can count on
i suggest you check with any local company in your area
you need a machine that when it needs maintenance and repair somebody locally can take care of it for you
Would you not consider leasing for now. You'll then have the benefit of having a service contract and the best machines available. You can also write off the lease costs against taxes.....I'm pretty sure its the same worldwide.

I did this for the first year before I decided and could afford what I wanted.

Good Luck!!