Your worse Coffee Purchase(s)


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Gary, I'm so happy yhat you are satisfied. I love roasting, mico roasting to be honest..As I type this another pound on my roaser is giving up it's scent..I truly enjoy serving the best in my stand. I'm in Skagit valley and if ever you travel up this way stop by. It' scalled NorthWest JAVA on SR20-burlington wa. I stream Wi_Fi (free) roast on site and am very critical of my java.


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Jan 17, 2004
Redmond, WA
I make a trip up north about 2 or 3 times a year, like for the Tulip Festival, and I'll be sure to stop by for a cup of your finest. Thanks. I'm always keeping my eye out for good roasting.

You should probably read my blog again. Certainly *not* satisfied with the bag of Millstone I bought that day. Maybe I didn't word it correctly.


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Jul 8, 2004
I'd say a few

The all time most bad espresso beans I've ever picked up came from a company you will find near or at the top of some or all of the major coffee top site listings, I won't name names, but it was sooo bad I still vividly remember the taste to this day, and it's been 7 years since I tried it so that is saying something. Here is a list of bad espresso experiences I've encountered:

Texaco, Port Orchard Wa. wasn't sure if it was espresso or radiator fluid.

Mc D's, when they used to serve it, it was dark colored water.

A convienence mart in Seattle in the 1st hill area, they used folgers from the can, they didn't even own a grinder, just stuffed it into the portafilter and attempted to pass it off as espresso.

A cheapie theater on Capitol hill in Seattle, they were the cheapest, thus went the quality.

All of the ferries on the Puget sound, not even wanting to go there, I'm not sure if they are drawing the water directly from the Sound or not.

The all time worst place I cannot speak from personal experience, but I have to say is the absolute most horrid experience anybody has had even though most don't even know about it.

My brother did a service call on a machine, asked the owner where she sanitized the utensiles, she pointed to the mens room and said in the mini wash station. He thought it sounded peculiar, so had her point out the "mini wash station" in person. She walked him into there and pointed to the urinal..........


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Jul 13, 2004
Ashland, KY
Worst Coffee Purchase...

This is a no-brainer!
I don't like anything other than the Cinnamon flavored coffee and
they always sent me crap I didn't order and charged me outrageous
amounts for it and continued to for 4 months after I cancelled!
Only thing I liked from them was the free Krups coffee maker and the airpot I got from them! But I gave away alot of boxes of coffee to friends!
At least they liked it.

Caffe Latte

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May 10, 2004
New York City
Big-Y's "world class" coffee. I can't remember the type, but I made it as usual to all other whole bean.

piss water.

Also my dad is a fan of getting smaller brands that are on the cheap rack at the supermarket (woohoo).

There's one that he got, the name was two last names (can't remember them), from the 1800's that's now owned by Sara-Lee.

horrible. Just weak. and a mix. bleh.

also, beware of brewing through twice. I did that once :oops: :|

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