10 second rule?


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Jul 22, 2007
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this 10 second rule at Starbuck''s does not apply to straight shots of espresso.

the rule says you must pour the milk into the cup the shots have just been put into within 10 seconds, in reference to, the shots need to bond to the fat in the milk before the creme? or shots \"expire\" or go completely black. its a good rule. however i have noticed that it takes a bit of luck to get a barista that actually steams/airiates the milk correctly.
i''ve allways wondered how this is supposed to apply to straight shots of espresso, then again i why would you go to a store with an automatic machine to get straight shots.

supposedly there is a magic little elf that comes with every verismo machine that lives inside the verismo and tamps every shot of espresso, the elf accepts pay in small amounts of cinnamon powder.


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Oct 6, 2008
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The 10-second rule is actually a guide to ensure that you are serving the freshest shots of espresso to the customers, and to provide some uniformity to the business.

Imagine if there is no guideline set, and baristas just do whatever they want? Can you imagine the possibilities?

Regardless of the machine used, the 10-second rule is just there to guide baristas. Flavorwise, there is indeed a difference if you use a shot standing for more than 10 seconds rather than a freshly drawn shot. This change in flavor is essential if you want to keep your drinks standard, i.e., the same taste regardless of who prepares it.

Now, if you have customers who prefer a different taste, that's when you may do some tweaking in order to customize the drink.