Advise Please: I want to buy coffee roasting equipment for a small roastery


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Aug 26, 2020
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Hi guys, I have a couple of questions I would love to find out some opinions about. I'm pretty new to this but here we go... I bought a 15kg roaster made by company called Golden (turkish make).

Now I'm thinking of purchasing an external cyclone...I'd love to know your opinion on those. Do I definitely need one? What happens if I don't have one.

Next I'm looking to buy an afterburner. Any opinions on electrostatic filters vs. afterburners? Which is better. Am I better off getting an afterburner? (what's best to eliminate coffee roasting odor?)

If I set up my shop as following: roaster, cyclone, afterburner/ this enough to start roasting?

In time, I'd like to get destoner but first things first...I have somewhat limited budget :) Thank you for any input. Cheers
You will for sure need a cyclone - otherwise, your chaff released from the beans will be a significant problem. Afterburner is really dependent on your city requirements. I run a 12K and my city doesn't require anything - honestly, they were clueless and I think I could run a much larger roaster without any issues. But - I'm also located in an industrial area so smell is not a concern. Buy quality green and a destoner shouldn't me needed. There are some out there on the market that around $2500 for small production roasters.

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