Ambex or Diedrich

I am researching and comparing prices and features of shop roaster from Ambex and Diedrich. I have contacted them and got the prices. A Diedrich is twice as much as an Ambex.

My donuts shop offers fresh baked donuts twice daily and expanding into offering freshly roasted coffee. I will display the roaster where the customer will see it and perhaps smell the coffe aroma, drink the coffee while enjoying their donut.

Can anyone help me with the appeal of the roaster and its complexities. I have no experience roasting green coffee.

Can any wholesaler of green coffe work with me?

Thank you. :p

Coffee Guy

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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I too use a Diedrich. An IR24. Great roaster, and great customer support from the top starting with Stephen all the way to Greg in charge of tech support. The machine is straight forward and everything is easy to work on which makes routine maintenance a piece of cake. I've never used an Ambex. I'd say go with Diedrich, and contact them to see when their next training is scheduled? If you are interested in their training send me a pm and I'll forward their phone number to them. :)