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Opinion time...

How do work with equipment failures? Do you have backup equiipment (grinders, blenders...espresso machines??), do you have work-arounds, or do you have an incredible service rep savior show up on a moments notice? :)
Also... any suggestions for reliable equipment companies in northern New England? I'm about an hour north of Boston...


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ElPugDiablo said:
Some of the busier shops have two espresso machines, the second machine is used during peak time, as a back up and for training new barista. is pretty big in Boston area, but if I were you, I learn to fix as many things as possible, unless you want to deal with $150 trip charge before they even start on the machine.

Not saying that is how much espressoplus charge. That is how much one place in my area charge...and he is only 5 minutes away.

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Oct 19, 2003
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I agree El P.D., one should be trained to work on one's machine. I often advise our customers to learn as much as possible to do minor repairs, therefore, saving themselves on the high trip charges. I've seen some being charged a huge amount (trip charge plus hourly minimum) just to come out and change burrs on the grinder, when it only takes about 5 minutes to do so. That's not to say that all techs will do that, but I've seen enough here that will do that. I might suggest that whomever you bought your equipment from that they recommend someone to take care of you if they don't offer the service themselves.