Bambino Plus VS Barista Pro


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Aug 1, 2023
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Hello All,

I'm just getting into the home Espresso scene, I've been a drip coffee drinker for a long time. Decided to try something new and love lattes and cappuccinos. I've been looking at loads of reviews on different home espresso machines, had no idea before hand how spendy this can be, but still interested! I'm a bit tired of hit or miss drip coffee. Anyways, as the title suggest, I've landed on one of these two machines. The way I see it; I think going with the Bambino plus and then purchasing a Baratza Sette 270 is a better bang for my buck than going with the Barista pro, as the former is only $50 more. Most reviews for the Barista pro I've seen list the grinder as one of the negatives of the machine, some stating "it's just good enough". While the reviews for the Sette are great. So for an additinal $50 I'll be getting a much better grind, BUT!!! will I be missing anything???

Does the Barista Pro have any major features other than the grinder and screen that the Bambino Plus does not??

I'm a big fan of separating the two functions (grinding/brewing) simply to give me the ability to upgrade as my hobby grew. I also view the grinder as the 'chef knife' for coffee - its the foundation for making great espresso.

Regarding grinders, the Sette 270 is a great grinder, also take a look at the Turin's.

I don't know anything about the espresso machine, make sure to look at the Rancilio Silvia as well.