Barista wages


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Jun 29, 2006
south africa
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I'm just curious, Baristis (i've given you a captial letter because sometimes your worth, worshipping) are paid how much. Sure you get Bartistas that win competitions, and you get other that just make coffee for the sake of doing so. But , really good Baristas are paid how much, and which companies employ these top class coffee makers. (I'm not in a nation of coffee culture), but would those trophie Baristas attrack more customers? Does the coffee shop owner promote their champion coffee maker?

just curious.


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Apr 4, 2006
Austin, Tx
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Barista Wages

While I was a Barista(and Master Barista of Austin)I never made more than $10/hr. I cleaned up on tips(~$100 on a 9 hour shift) but don't know if the tradition exists there and I never had an employer advertise the fact that I was(and still best. I remember your other post about there being no good coffee shops in SA. If you really throw some bucks(sorry $$) into it and make a very nice ritzy place advertising a pro might work for you there since you will have little to no competition. Look at Alun's website to see what I am talking about as a REAL nice looking independant shop...or at least a real nice looking prepared its a big investment. The traditional coffee shop aestetic is expensive(hard wood, marble, lots of brass etc).

I have only seen really good baristas advertised in trade mags.

Are you are thinking about opening your own shop?
If so i wouldn't sweat getting a "pro" too much to start with unless you have some large corp. investing in your shop or have massive income yourself. Get yourself trained and then train your employees. Every shop is different and every barista is too...allow for some individuality in your workers. The "standard" shot is exactly that...standard...not spectacular and everyone's taste differs. Teenagers and students are cheap and ok but you will be replacing staff constantly and its a hassle. Its always best to find at least one person who really needs the job. They will last longer and at least try to do a good job all the time.

Ok that kinda rambled. How bout this:

In the US Baristas usually make between 6 and 15 dollars per hour plus tips.


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Dec 8, 2004
Billings, MT
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Barista Wage

I would check to see what your competition pays. Be competitive to what the market will go for.

Regardless of experience (I prefer them not to have experience), I start my barista's all out at the same wage. It is way above minimum in my state ($5.15). Also, my employees are on a probationary period and then they are reviewed to see if they qualify for a raise.

Plus, you want to point out, they work for their tips to make a better wage.
It's called "Service"....