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Aug 15, 2006
Atlanta, texas
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HI everyone, I am a newbie here! I have read all the previous posts and I am pleased to be a part of a brilliant forum!! I have some Q's though!

What equipment is needed for a coffee shop drive thru only, to get going at the beginning? I might be doing Pannini's, but not right off the bat. What equipment is needed to get the door's open?

This is going to sound insane but, i have zero barista training and i want to learn it QUICK so I can open my doors in about 6 weeks. I just found my location yesterday, after searching forever, and I am ready to get the ball rolling.

What Barista training videos, seminars should I attend to learn about how to make the drinks....(with limited money of course) it is my passion and I am eager to learn..I live in East Texas and can only travel to Dallas. ANY suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

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