Behmor Jake info/other options for stepping up.


New member
Dec 7, 2022
Hi, I am new here, and am looking to step up to a larger roaster, and was looking at the Behmor Jake, which seems to be delayed in being released. I am only 1.5 years into roasting, for family and friends and the small roasters like the Behmor 2000AB were great to learn the basics on, but now that I hope to be roasting 5 pounds per week or more, the 2000 AB is a long process, and the wrong machine.

I would prefer electric over gas, and can run from either 110 or 220, and have a dedicated room with an exhaust system. Ideally roasting a kilo at a time would be great. Does anyone know what's up with Behmor and the Jake? They have not responded to emails, which makes me wonder how reliable they are.

i am of course open to the voices of experience, in other options!


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