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Jan 27, 2022
Upstate New York
I have an old Cuisinart. No carafe, it serves cafeteria style, into any cup you put on underneath the pour. (Coffee on demand?) I don't think it is made anymore.

It says 12 cups, but with careful measurement i have determined that each cup is less than 5.2 fl oz. Come on. I brew with a measured 36 fl.oz. which the machine thinks is almost 7 cups, but is in reality about 4 mugs of coffee.

Some of the latest designs have a way to dispense hot water. For tea I presume. I would MUCH rather have a way to dispense cold half and half. All you drip coffee makers take note. Create a no-carafe cafeteria style drip machine that dispenses cold half and half and you will be rich!


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Jul 23, 2022
United States
Hey guys,

I've been becoming very frustrated trying to decide on which premium drip coffee maker to replace my Mr Coffee with. Reading all the reviews on amazon and google, it seems like every popular machine either doesn't last long enough, are made with cheap parts, produces a funny taste, leaks, or doesn't keep the coffee hot enough. I figured I would give it a shot in the forums. I've been purchasing coffee beans from Atlas Coffee and Lifeboost. I've been using a blade grinder but been thinking about getting a conical burr. I drink 2 20oz cups a day but will brew a full pot when i have company over. I've been spending all this money on coffee beans so naturally I would like to get the best flavor out of them.

Here's my top contenders:

Technivorm Moccamaster
Bonavita (either Connoisseur or 1900)
OXO 9 Cup Brew
Breville Precision

I'm having a hard time spending over 300 for a coffee maker but if its worth it...

Thanks alot guys!! I look forward to your opinions!! I'll value your positive or negative feedback just the same. I'm sure there are other posts like this in the past but I wanted to start a new one :)
Hey Guys!

What is the best
available coffee maker with a thermal carafe nowadays?

I'm using a Canadian brand Oster Coffee maker which is exactly the same product as the Mr. Coffee brand which I believe is sold in the US. I have been using it now foe several years, and I have had a replacement one since last Winter. I recently noticed a strong plastic smell from the water container and I strongly suspect that it contains BPA. I want to discard the product for my health sake and I'm looking for a dependable replacement that makes good tasting coffee. I like dark roasted coffee as is, black without any sweetener.

I have been looking on the web through Google and I got several different recommendations as we usually find when we do such research. Two brands that frequently come out in the several lists of recommendations are ZOJIRUSHI and NINJA. I know that Zojirushi mentions that their water container is free of BPA, but I'm not so sure about the Ninja product. Of course, reliability is also important.

So, would any of you, coffee lovers, have a recommendation for a reliable product that makes good tasting coffee? Your comments would be appreciated.

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