Best Roasting Equipment?


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Mar 17, 2004
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Hey everyone!

Well I figured I would come to you guys first as you have the know how of the ins and the outs. Our company is about thirty days from opening its doors, and we are rapidly approaching the purchase date for our roasting equipment. :D

Currently, we have the Probat L-25 in our sights, but I wanted to ask you folks if you think there is a better roaster out there. Keep in mind that our stores concept revolves around having an in shop roastery ala the Microbrewery Approach (we have plenty of room, so size is not the issue). Also, the price (40k + 18k for the afterburner) seems kind of high to me. :? Money really isn't the issue, quality vs. dollars is.

So, what are you using... and what do you recommend?

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Aug 14, 2003
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depends what you want to spend....I have used em all....true probat is a great roaster....service isn't that great can be like pulling teeth to get what you want....Ambex is my favorite as in service and quality...just my 2 cents