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So robusta is always inferior to arabica? Then do tell me how is it possible that coffee review gave paradise roasters's 100% robusta espresso a 94, one of the highest scores out there? You want to think I know nothing, no problem. Coffee review, however is one of the most respected coffee sites, even his critics will admit he knows his stuff. Paradise Roasters is considered one of the top ten micro roasters in the country. So are they clueless? Or maybe just maybe, it is you.

oh this is from one of your arabica vs robusta references. It seems like even this buys admits there is a place in specialty coffee for top grade robusta.

In fairness, although most robusta coffee is of a lower grade and inferior to Arabica, there is a premium crop that is the top of the line for robusta beans. Premium robusta is primarily used in specialty espresso blends, and is never found in canned coffee. Though it only constitutes 5-15% of the blend, it is used because these beans add body to the taste and make a nice creama in the shot of espresso. This additional body distinguishes the blend in a cappuccino or latte. Premium robusta should only be used for espresso and not other brewing methods.

Vacuum suck the flavor out of coffee? Nitrogen is bad for coffee? No where in peace coffee's web site remotely suggest such BS. On top of that, I never said vacuum is an alternative to freshness. What I said was fresh roasted beans is best protected when packed in a oxygen free environment, by vacuum and nitrogen flush. This is one the optimal solutions. If you don't believe me, go ask peace coffee. By the way, this is word by word from peace coffee's web site "When coffee is ground, the volatile gases that make up that wonderful coffee aroma we all love are released. Along with this, the grounds of coffee are obviously exposed to oxygen – fresh coffee’s enemy" So you if are so concern about your coffee's freshness, please explain how come you shipped ground coffee?

You want to come here to promote your site? By all means. There are plenty of self promoters come here doing the same. I usually ignore the likes of you. BUT your self promotional tactic involved talking nonsense about Boca Java, that is wrong.

The fact that you got a referral and then got a ticked off customer says a bit about who is clueless here.


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Feb 10, 2009
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You are correct robusta can be good but I thought that what makes the difference is not only in the type of bean but also in the altitude in which it is grown, while robusta beans can be quality, most companies who sell robusta beans are not gourmet because gourmet coffee is usually grown in higher altitudes ensuring quality in flavor and robustness. Robusta beans are generally accepted as being lower quality although I am sure there are exceptions...

Also as you already know coffee is best served as whole bean and not vacuumed because of the flavors being robbed from them...

and I never knocked Bocca Java did you read my articles it seems not, because I even stated that Gourmet Coffee is something that you must try for yourself and choose for yourself and yes vacuum sealing is bad because it does rob the coffee of that flavor it is proven just try fresh ground coffee and a vacuum sealed bag of coffee you will immediately taste the difference..

the reason why we don't vacuum seal is because we want to offer the best coffee possible and that's it.
You can't do that unless you offer fresh roasted coffee. Most companies not all vacuum seal because it can get expensive to roast fresh and it takes longer for customers to receive their coffee, but I really don't get much complaints unless we mess up on orders which happens to everyone...

The view of Gourmet coffee or specialty coffee has changed in the past years as far as people the principles still stands, freshness, environment, country and and high quality standards and of course flavors always in my opinion is what makes the difference!

And by no means am I trying to upset others, but when attacked I will defend myself and will only tell the truth because I don't believe in marketing tactics only great tasting coffee, whether my company or Bocca Java it doesn't matter its all about the coffee, and once again I never, never, never intentionally tried to tear down any other company, I only asked questions and stated my opinion...

And really is it marketing nonsense or the truth

I sell ground coffee because not everyone wants whole bean as a matter a fact I did not even promote either or until now because my customers usually wanted it ground because we roast only to order meaning its fresh every time and if they wanted whole bean they usually just asked me to have it whole bean, it really was not an issue, but I am offering these choices now...
Jan 18, 2008
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To whom it may concern,

Since the thread has wandered off topic, it will be locked (at the end of the day today). Please start another thread if you want to continue the Vacuum Packed debate.

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Hey Pug,

It's interesting that your last posting was at 12:59 PM, one minute before the lock out deadline!

You're not the nasty have the benefit of having extreme passion and a lot of information that many of us don't have.

Cafe Biscotto is true to his word. This topic is officially locked. Feel free to start it up again in a new thread.

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