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Jan 25, 2014
Charlotte, NC
Ok, I went to BOCO coffee roasters in Charlotte, NC today. A local roasters who roast in house, put together blends of beans.

A nice experience, they have a three station espresso maker in a side room for training local new Barista's. David made me three different espresso blends in latte for me to try out. I went with the Espresso Galliano, plus he gave me two pounds of free French Roast to try also.

Here's what their ad says about Galiano; Inspired by the espressos of Northern Italy, this blend, when properly extracted, has a beautiful reddish-brown crema that lasts and lasts. Deep, dark chocolates are balanced by earthy black currant, and a honey-like, syrupy body. The smoky aftertaste is just enough to make you want another. Perfect in a latte or cappuccino.

The French Roast was good, topped out just right for me, the flavor came through the latte without harsh burnt taste. The Espresso Galiano is a blend the have a strong full flavor but smoothed out and not too much of an after taste, smokey but like the top of the smokey peaked was chopped off. It was there as in French Roast but reeled back in.

The two pounds of Espresso Galiano cost me $32.15, which I think is fair. They do mail order also if any one wants to give them a try. I'm certain you can call ahead and speak directly with David before you buy to get what you need.

He mentioned in the near future they would be putting together another Barista class and invited me to bring along my DeLonghi to work with! I'm really looking forward to that!

BOCO - Our Coffee
David Haddock
2113 North Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC 28205
704.243.8896 office

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