Cafe Freddo

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I was online today to look up recipes, when I ran into a simple, but wonderful drink: cafe freddo - chilled espresso. Maybe it was foolish of me not to have tried this sooner - I have, after all, been making iced americanos all summer - but I've tried it now, and I love it. When I ice coffee, I make it fresh, then chill it in a cocktail shaker, which is efficient and avoids a watered-down product. I've found that a double-shot of espresso, shaken with three ice cubes is a fantastic summer drink (and it maintains a foamy crema better than a similarly-prepared americano). Try it and let me know if you agree.


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Jul 23, 2007
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cafe freddo

I was visiting my son in Viterbo, Italy this past week and he introduced me to cafe freddo. I agree that it is a wonderful and simple refreshment in hot weather. I intend to teach my local bartender how to make it.