cheapest place for keurig k-cups?


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Aug 23, 2005
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i know, i know...

a lot of you aficionados and connoisseurs are going to shutter when i ask where to get the cheapest k-cups.

i like the convenience and simplicity of the whole thing.

yes, yes, yes, i have all the paraphernalia for the simple to the most exotic coffee's and even have a local roaster who will do small batches from whatever corner of the world you want beans from.

i am at a point in life where i just want a cup of coffee in my home with the least amount of hassle. i know, i know...the art of 'making' the coffee is an activity in itself. i did all that and still do when i entertain (which i do quite a fair share) with my friends being totally fascinated by whatever creation i do.

anyway, i digress...

where is the cheapest place to procure k-cups?

thanks so much! :):):)