Christmas Coffee Recipe


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Dec 8, 2004
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Its that time again, so heres a seasonal coffee to try when the fires lit and you're sitting down after a huge christmas dinner:

The best ever coffee, and this is not to be over-done, just once a year around xmas, get the following:

pour in some french brandy, or better expensive cognac, not too much just a few ml.

add hot black coffee of your choice straight from the pot

now squirt on the top a nice layer of Courvoisier squirty cream (available usually only seasonally) and let it reduce from a squirty look to a nice even throth.

let it cool to an acceptable heat and drink away.

I promise you it is the best coffee you will ever drink.

I make it a ritual for every christmas, for my whole family. Only problem I have is that everyone comes back for thirds!!! And dont overdo the cognac, feel free to go mad witht he cream though!