coffee bean flavour


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Jul 24, 2007
i have just begun buying beans online - freshly roasted arabica - a huge improvement

however have to buy in 1 kilo lots so too much to buy 2 lots to blend

had intended to try from everywhere

1st lot from ethiopa was tasty drinking but not perfect as a fraction bitter with a nice aftertaste. 2nd lot from nicaragua has magnificent aftertaste but very ordinary to drink (tastes like hot milk)

do all south/central american countries taste similar or do some taste like ethiopian? would also like to try papua new guinea, east timor and kenya if they have drinking strength of ethiopian.any opinions on this ?



little roastHer

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Jan 3, 2007
coffee origins

yum Ethiopian Harar and Yergacheffe are very different I find. You must try both. the Kenyas are great. I like to keep my roast a med to dark, sometimes with flashes of oil - The medium roasts , I find< extract the unique flavors of the origins - we love Kenya AA - Guatemala Maya Ixil is a great one too -