Coffee roast logging program?


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Mar 8, 2007
Central America
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Is there any decent roast log program available? I’m not talking excel charts or other isolated processes, but real programs.
If not, I could write one as I have a couple of free days on my hands, during this or the next month.

I would like to know all the parameters necessary for a good logging program.
As of now I have the following parameters that I know the program must have:
Start of roasting/timer in program
1st crack, temp (time recorded when temp is filled in for this and below)
Rolling 1st crack, temp
2nd crack, temp
Rolling 2nd crack, temp

Coffee type
Availability to save temp/time as you go by as roasting goes on.
Ambiental factors as temp, humidity, barometric pressure.

As soon as you fill something in, time would be recorded for that event if applicable.

The above info would be saved into a database for future reference, you could also data model this info (if you provide cupping info) to make some estimations on how you should roast at a specific temp with a given humidity (not for pocket pc).

What platform is most suiting?
Pocket pc or normal windows? I’m a strict Microsoft developer so no Linux or other platforms will be supported. Pocket Pc has some restrictions when it comes to charting and data modelling, so keep in mind that a pocket version would leave out some functions.
Or perhaps an online version would do?
That would take some more work.

I would do this for free, provided I get some feedback on the process, roast charts for specific coffee types and so on.

I’m going to start a roaster for the Nordic market and this little program as well as a lot of learning about coffee will help me along the way. So I figured why not share it with some other people who might face the same problemas.


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